How many chickens fit in a coop?

6-8 in the small one and up to 15 in the large one, depending on whether they will be free ranging.

Do you deliver the chookhouses?

No, customers borrow/hire a trailer and pick them up.

Do you convert shipping containers?

Yes, we have completed several of these, mainly for smoko huts or designated Health and Safety areas in the bush. Have a look at our Projects page or contact us with your ideas.

I often see shipping containers in your yard. Do you sell them?

We are able to source them for you if you are thinking of converting it somehow.

Do you make dog runs?

Yes, we do and we welcome your enquiry.  Dog runs are customisable, see our Projects/Gallery page.

Do you make trailers?

Yes, we can.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements. 

Do you make dog boxes?

We have made dog boxes and kennels and recommend you call in with your ideas.

Do you make tool boxes for the back of utes?

Yes, we do make aluminium toolboxes and recommend you call in with your requirements, as these are customisable.